January 1, 2024

Here’s How We Find the Best Time to Post on LinkedIn

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  • Overview: In this article, we aim to offer practical insights and strategies to help you determine the optimal times for posting on LinkedIn, enhancing your engagement on the platform.
  • Why you can trust us:  We've been there for countless creators and businesses, helping them fine-tune their LinkedIn game using Notion.
  • Why this is important: Hitting the right timing on LinkedIn makes a big difference – more eyes on your content, more engagement.
  • Action points: Dive into your audience, keep tabs on industry vibes, and check out what's worked before to craft a LinkedIn schedule that packs a punch.
  • Further research: Keep a close eye on your LinkedIn analytics, and tweak your game plan to match the ever-changing dance of your audience's habits.

On every social media turf, there are those 'golden hours'—you know, when everyone's in the zone, scrolling and tapping away. That's your prime time to post and grab the attention of a bigger audience.

LinkedIn, being a heavyweight in the professional networking ring, serves up plenty of chances for creators and businesses to link up with potential clients, new hires, and big shots in the industry.

So, here in this guide from Scheduled, we're rolling up our sleeves and diving deep into the world of LinkedIn posting times. We'll break it down for you and spill the beans on how to make those timings work wonders for your posting schedule. 

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Why Listen to Us?

At Scheduled, we’ve helped 1,200+ LinkedIn content creators and businesses like Gaspatch.io, Notarly, and YOTTA streamline their social media marketing strategies and increase their reach and engagement on LinkedIn.

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The bottom line—we know LinkedIn and want to help you excel on the platform.

What Is LinkedIn Posting Time Optimization?

The number of active users on LinkedIn experiences its rhythm, with highs and lows throughout the day, week, and month. To amp up your reach and engagement on LinkedIn, it's crucial to grasp these natural patterns and tweak your posting schedule to match.

This is where LinkedIn posting time optimization comes in.

It involves analyzing data on when your target audience is most active on the platform and strategically scheduling your posts during those times—even if they’re not convenient. To give an example, you might have a US-based audience despite living in the UK—that means you should be posting on their schedule, not yours.

To do this without losing sleep, it’s helpful to use a tool like Scheduled.

Content machine on Notion to publish on LinkedIn

Scheduled is a tool that transforms Notion into a centralized content hub for LinkedIn. You can plan content, draft posts, schedule posts for optimal days and times, and track analytics without ever leaving Notion.

Using Scheduled goes beyond mere time and effort savings; it's your key to keeping a consistent and carefully planned presence on LinkedIn. 

Benefits of Posting on LinkedIn at the Right Time

  • Optimal Visibility: Sharing content during the peak activity of your target audience ensures a prominent position in their feeds, increasing the likelihood of grabbing attention and sparking engagement.
  • Increased Engagement Rates: Choosing the right moments for your posts is a game-changer in boosting engagement. Opting for times when your audience is actively online and focused can lead to a surge in likes, comments, and shares.
  • Broader Audience Reach: Strategic timing not only impacts your immediate connections but also extends the reach of your content to a broader audience.
  • Algorithmic Favorability: Timing your posts effectively can trigger swift interactions, sending signals to the algorithm that your content holds relevance and value. Consequently, this may lead to expanded exposure as the algorithm boosts the visibility of your posts to a wider audience.

Different Ways to Determine the Best LinkedIn Posting Time

LinkedIn Analytics

Getting into the nitty-gritty of engagement analytics is like cracking open a treasure chest of insights into how your audience rolls with your content. Dive deep into that data, spot the trends, and tweak your posting schedule to hit that sweet spot for the best outcomes.

Now, let's break down how this process unfolds with Scheduled:

  1. Create and schedule posts. Begin by making informed predictions about the optimal times to post on LinkedIn, considering your audience's demographics and industry standards. Use this information to schedule posts through Scheduled.
  2. Track engagement. Once your posts hit the spotlight, dive into Scheduled's analytics dashboard to peek at their performance. Keep your eyes glued to metrics like comments, reactions, and impressions. That way, you'll spot which posts are stealing the show with the highest engagement.
  3. Analyze patterns. After accumulating data over a few weeks or months, examine patterns in your engagement metrics. Does specific content types, like articles versus videos, fare better at particular times? Are there specific days of the week or times of the day consistently showing higher levels of engagement?
  4. Optimize your posting schedule. Use the insights gained from analyzing your engagement patterns to adjust your posting schedule.

Target Audience’s Time Zones

If your audience is scattered across different corners of the globe, it just makes sense to think about posting when their clocks are ticking.

How do you find out where your audience is from? Check your analytics and look for trends in location data. This information can also help you tailor your content to specific regions or cultures.

Industry-Specific Patterns

For instance, a B2B company might discover that its audience is most engaged during regular work hours, whereas a fashion brand could observe higher interaction in the evenings or on weekends. Conducting thorough research to comprehend the specific patterns and behaviors within your industry regarding social media usage is crucial.

Digging into your industry's habits and behaviors on social media is key. The more you get the lowdown on how things roll, the better you can fine-tune your posting schedule to score maximum engagement.

Workday Habits

Finally, consider your audience's daily routines and habits. Are they busy professionals, squeezing in social media checks during their lunch breaks? Or perhaps they are stay-at-home parents who tend to be more active on social media during school pick-up and drop-off times? Understanding these nuances helps tailor your posting schedule to align with your audience's daily rhythms.

Understanding these patterns can help you determine the best times to post for your specific audience. It may also be beneficial to vary your posting schedule and test out different times to see what works best.

What Are the Best Days To Post on LinkedIn?

In our research, we found five different sources with data on this question… and there wasn’t a ton of overlap.

To make things simpler, here’s a table summarizing the days of the week each source recommends posting based on the engagement data they collected. If you see a “✅” that means that the source listed it as one of the top days.

Best days to post on LinkedIn

Based on this data, here’s an overall ranking of the best days to post on LinkedIn:

  1. Wednesday (4 votes)
  2. Tuesday, Thursday (3 votes)
  3. Friday (2 votes)
  4. Monday, Saturday, Sunday (1 vote)

Considering the common expert recommendation of 1–3 posts per week, a posting schedule focused on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday could be a suitable option for you.

What Are the Best Times To Post on LinkedIn?

Now, let's explore the optimal times for posting on LinkedIn. While various studies on this topic may not align perfectly, there are discernible trends in the research. Here are the different times to consider for posting on LinkedIn:

So, here are the different times to post on LinkedIn:

  • Early morning engagement (7:30 AM — 9:00 AM): Professionals kickstart their day by checking LinkedIn during their morning routine. Posting during these early hours allows you to capture their attention when they're most receptive to industry updates and insights.
  • Mid-morning break (10:00 AM — 11:30 AM): Capitalize on mid-morning breaks when professionals pause to catch up on industry news. Share valuable content during this time to connect with an audience seeking knowledge and updates.
  • Lunchtime Engagement (12:00 PM — 1:30 PM): Lunch breaks are an ideal time for professionals to browse LinkedIn. Posting insightful content during lunch hours provides an excellent opportunity to engage with a wide audience.
  • Afternoon Insights (2:30 PM — 4:00 PM): Use the post-lunch productivity slump by sharing valuable insights. Professionals often turn to LinkedIn for a mid-afternoon knowledge boost, making this timeframe optimal for engagement.
  • End-of-Day Updates (5:30 PM — 7:00 PM): As professionals wind down their workday, they engage with LinkedIn to stay informed. Posting end-of-day updates allows you to connect with an audience seeking valuable content before heading home.
  • Weekend Professional Catch-Up (Saturday, 10:00 AM — 12:00 PM): Extend your reach into the weekend by posting on Saturday mornings. Many professionals take this time to catch up on industry trends, making it a valuable window for engagement.
  • Sunday Strategizing (Sunday, 4:00 PM — 6:00 PM): Wrap up the week with strategic content on Sunday afternoon. Professionals may use this time for reflection and planning, presenting an opportune moment for thoughtful posts.
  • Event-Specific Timing: Align your posts with industry events or conferences for heightened visibility. Sharing insights during or immediately after key events allows you to use the momentum of relevant conversations and discussions.


The importance of strategic scheduling goes beyond mere visibility—it directly influences engagement, interactions, and the overall impact of your brand on this professional platform. 

At Scheduled, we help LinkedIn content creators and businesses reach their full potential by optimizing the posting workflows. You can use Scheduled to plan content, draft posts, schedule and publish them at the perfect time—all from your Notion workspace.

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