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Never leave Notion to write, organize and publish your content on LinkedIn.

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Why content creators use Scheduled?

To keep all their content in one place on Notion and publish it on LinkedIn without needing another tool.
To have peace of mind while scheduling their LinkedIn posts for the week without distraction from Notion.
No need to copy and paste their content from Notion to LinkedIn and waste time formatting line breaks.
To make content creation faster by using analytics to find out which LinkedIn posts have performed the best.


Don't scatter yourself anymore in your content

If you want to write content regularly, you need to have an efficient process. Notion makes it easy:

You put all your ideas in one place.

You can review your ongoing conten at any time.

You can easily find your published content.

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Schedule your LinkedIn posts from Notion

No more copying and pasting from Notion to LinkedIn!
With Scheduled, just move your Notion card to schedule and publish LinkedIn posts.
Easy peasy!
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Leverage analytics to recycle your top-performing LinkedIn posts

No one remembers what you posted on LinkedIn last month.

With LinkedIn post statistics in your Notion, you can recycle your best-performing content.
It's a great way to stay visible without exhausting yourself.
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Everything you need to create content on LinkedIn

Format of posts

Your Notion content keeps its format, including line breaks.

Images & Videos

Drag and drop your image or video onto your Notion card to publish it

First comment

Schedule the first comment of your LinkedIn posts from Notion.


Hashtags on Notion are also hashtags on LinkedIn.

Bold characters

To make text bold on LinkedIn, just make it bold on Notion.

Tag pages

Put a LinkedIn company page link on the Notion text you've selected.

How it works?

Connect Notion, Scheduled & LinkedIn in 5 min

1. Create your account with Notion.
2. Connect your Notion database.
3. Select the right properties.
4. Connect your LinkedIn.
5. And that's it!
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Content creators love it

"Well done Julien!! Scheduled is a killer tool to decrease my mental load. I tested and approved. I can't imagine living without it!"

Sarra Saidi

Breathwork Professor

"I'll keep using Scheduled because from Notion I can see my editorial calendar and my content strategy at a glance. I can share my posts for a proofreading and correct them at the last moment."

Manon Verbeke

Design For Solopreneurs

"Before I was using a tool to schedule my posts and it was costing me around 100e/month. The tool was powerful but too advanced for me.
Now, I can publish my LinkedIn posts directly from my Notion, I use one less tool, it's 10 time cheaper and I can post on all LinkedIn pages I have. What else?"

ClΓ©ment Marianne

Co-founder @

"I just bought Scheduled forever πŸ˜ƒ"

Pauline Vettier

BtoB Marketing,
and PR Specialist

"This tool is magic, and Julien is awesome to guide to start using his tool."

Marie Gautron

and Notion Trainer

"This moment...🀩🀩🀩 I manage LinkedIn profiles and pages since 2012 (and CEO's strategist since 2015) I saw a lot of tools to schedule my content on LinkedIn...
Buffer, Hootsuite, Hubspot...
Each time I had the same conclusion: it's better to publish myself!
The only reason: you can't mention other LinkedIn pages in your posts.
But now, I can! And other revolution, from my Notion, I can schedule posts for my client's LinkedIn profile. Thanks Julien and Scheduled."

AnaΓ―s Baumgarten

BtoB Content Creator

"As a solopreneur, I don't want to use and pay for a new tool to manage my content on LinkedIn. I write everything in Notion and now with Scheduled I can share my ideas and my thoughts on LinkedIn in few seconds. It's magic β˜€οΈ"

Lucie Schweizer

Founder @ Notarly