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"This moment...🀩🀩🀩 I manage LinkedIn profiles and pages since 2012 (and CEO's strategist since 2015) I saw a lot of tools to schedule my content on LinkedIn...
Buffer, Hootsuite, Hubspot...
Each time I had the same conclusion: it's better to publish myself!
The only reason: you can't mention other LinkedIn pages in your posts.
But now, I can! And other revolution, from my Notion, I can schedule posts for my client's LinkedIn profile. Thanks Julien and Scheduled."

AnaΓ―s Baumgarten

BtoB Content Creator

Stop wasting time to post manually for all your clients

Use Notion to organize your content for your clients and let Scheduled publish on LinkedIn for you.

☝️ Connect one Notion database per client.
✌️ Manage as many clients as you want.
🀟 Notion and Scheduled are suitable.
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Frequently Asked Questions

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