May 9, 2023

How to schedule LinkedIn posts from Notion for free? [2023 Tutorial]

In today's digital landscape, staying ahead in the professional world requires a solid online presence. LinkedIn, the world's largest professional network, is pivotal in helping individuals and businesses build connections through personal or company branding. Discover the ultimate free LinkedIn scheduling tool combination using Notion and Scheduled.

This guide will walk you through creating a Notion account, writing LinkedIn posts within Notion, and scheduling your LinkedIn posts with Scheduled. By following these simple steps, you'll be able to maintain a consistent and engaging presence on LinkedIn without the hassle of manual posting.

Notion, a collaborative platform, allows you to centralize your ideas, notes, and content, making it the perfect place to draft and organize your LinkedIn posts. Scheduled is a Notion extension, allowing you to schedule LinkedIn posts from Notion in 5 minutes.

So, if you're ready to take your LinkedIn game to the next level, keep reading and discover the benefits of this powerful LinkedIn automation tool.

How to schedule LinkedIn posts in 5 minutes from Notion

4 simple steps to follow. Let's dive in and learn how to schedule your LinkedIn posts in 5 minutes using Notion and Scheduled.

Step 1: Create your Notion account

Notion homepage
Notion homepage

Before scheduling LinkedIn posts, you need to create a Notion account. Setting up a Notion account is an easy and free process. Here are the steps:

  1. Visit the Notion website and click "Sign up".
  2. You can sign up using your Google or Apple account or email address.
  3. Once you've signed up, you'll receive a confirmation email. Click on the verification link to activate your account.
  4. After verifying your account, you'll be redirected to the Notion dashboard. Take a few minutes to familiarize yourself with the interface and explore the available templates and features.

Now that you have a Notion account, you're one step closer to scheduling your LinkedIn posts.

Step 2: Write your LinkedIn posts in Notion

With your Notion account created, the next step is to write and organize your LinkedIn posts within the platform. Notion allows you to create a structured and accessible database for your LinkedIn content.

To write your posts in Notion, follow these steps:

Create a new Notion page

In your Notion workspace, create a new page by clicking the "+ Add a page" button.

Click Add a Page to create a new Notion page
Add a new Notion page

Choose the "Table" option

You'll create a Notion database with the view Table by clicking on the Table option.

Choose Table option
Choose Table option

Create your new Notion database

Don't select the data sources proposed by Notion. Create a new one.

Create a new Notion database
Create a new Notion database

Add the title, publication date, and status properties

Those properties are required to schedule Linkedin posts.

Required Notion database properties
Required Notion database properties

Replace and add new statuses

Add those statuses: "Idea", "Draft", "To Review", "Ready to be scheduled", and "Published". Each of them will help you to follow the progress of your content.

Replace and add new statuses
Replace and add new statuses

Write your first LinkedIn posts

Click on the first row of your Notion database to edit your content, fill in the properties, and start writing. Repeat this process for each LinkedIn post you want to schedule.

A LinkedIn post from Notion
A LinkedIn post from Notion

This is the simplest way to start writing your Linkedin posts in Notion. You can add more properties to your Notion database to be organized.

Here are some ideas:

  • "Category" to classify your posts
  • "URL" to store the LinkedIn posts link after publishing it
  • Or "Format" to organize your posts by type like "Text post", "Image post", "Video post", "Carrousel".

Quick Notion hack to add an image, video, or PDF

  • You can use the Notion shortcut "/image", "/video" or "/pdf" directly where you write the content of your post.
  • Or, you can drag and drop the media file into Notion to upload it.

The last step to schedule posts on LinkedIn from Notion is to create your Scheduled account and connect your Notion and LinkedIn profile. You can already do it with the Notion database we created. If you want to do it, skip the bonus section below and go to step#3 directly.

The bonus section will help you to have a better organization in Notion before connecting everything.

BONUS: Create a LinkedIn Social Media Planner

Your new LinkedIn posts database is enough to create 10 - 20 pieces of content max. You can add content easily, edit the properties and write the post.

But it's not the best if you want to keep track of your posts based on their status or a specific date. The more posts you get, the harder it gets to keep things organized. You need a LinkedIn social media planner to be efficient and stay motivated to keep writing.

Notion is compelling to do that. You can modulate your database in multiple views to ease your organization. Let me show you how to do it:

Get the Notion page ready

Create a new page as you did before and name it: "My LinkedIn Social Media Planner".

Instead of clicking on the "Table" option, click on "Empty Page".

Now we will add different views to the page with a specific goal for each.

List of posts ideas with Notion List view

Start by adding the list view with the Notion shortcut: "/list"

LinkedIn Social Media Planner on Notion
LinkedIn Social Media Planner on Notion

Next, instead of clicking on '+ New Database' as before, you should choose the existing Notion database we've already created.

Select existing database: LinkedIn posts
Select existing database: LinkedIn posts

After the click, Notion will ask you to copy the template from your Notion database "Linkedin posts". Choose "+ New empty view".

Choose a new empty view
Choose a new empty view

To list only your LinkedIn posts ideas, click on "Filter" and choose the status "Ideas":

Filter with Ideas status
Filter with Ideas status

So, all the ideas you'll store in your LinkedIn Posts database will be listed in this view. Now let's see how to track the progress of your content creation.

Follow your progress with a Notion Board view

Bellow the List view, use the Notion shortcut: "/board" to add a new Notion Board view.

As before, choose your existing database, "Linkedin Posts" and click on "+ New empty view" to avoid copying the table view from the beginning. You'll have something like this:

Board view in Notion
Board view in Notion

Now let's customize it for better organization and a more beautiful page.

The goal is to follow the process of your content creation.

"Ideas posts" are part of the process, but you already have them with the list view. The "Published" status means the end of the process, so you don't need it.

So, click on "..." next to "Ideas" status, then click on "Hide". Do the same for the "Published" status.

Add colors to the board's columns to finish and make your LinkedIn social media planner prettier. Click on "..." on the top right of the board view and click on "Group"

Add colors to columns in board view
Add colors to columns in board view

Move the board next to the list view. To do that, click on the "+" icon on the left of the list view:

Add a block below list view
Add a block below list view

Then, use the Notion shortcut "/2columns" to split the page into 2 columns.

Create 2 columns of blocks
Create 2 columns of blocks

Last adjustments: drag the list view into the first column and the board into the second one. Reduce the first column and set the screen to full width by clicking on the three dots on the top right of your page. You'll have something like this:

Adjust the columns
Adjust the columns

Never miss a date with Notion Calendar view

The Calendar view is the last Notion view to add to your LinkedIn Social Media Planner.

Below the list and the board views, use the Notion shortcut: "/calendar", choose the "LinkedIn posts" database and click on "+ New Empty view"

Add calendar view on Notion
Add calendar view on Notion

The goal with the Calendar view is to see only "Ready to be scheduled" posts or "Published" posts. To do that, you can add a filter on the status property and edit the calendar view to see the status property.

Now, your LinkedIn Social Media is ready!

LinkedIn Social Media Planner
LinkedIn Social Media Planner

Creating a dedicated Notion database for your LinkedIn posts and a Social Media Planner with different views lets you keep your content organized and easily accessible, streamlining the scheduling process.

Step 3: Schedule LinkedIn posts with Scheduled

Now you have your LinkedIn posts written and organized in Notion, it's time to schedule them using Scheduled. Follow these steps to schedule LinkedIn posts from your "LinkedIn Posts" database:

Create a free Scheduled account

Go to the Scheduled website and sign up for a free account. Scheduled offers a 14-day trial period for unlimited usage.

Connect to Scheduled with your Notion account

You don't need an email or password to use Scheduled—only your Notion account.

After clicking "Connect your Notion to create your account", Notion will ask you for access authorization to your Notion pages or databases.

Don't give access to all your pages from Notion. Select only your Notion database: "LinkedIn posts":

Allow access to LinkedIn posts database
Allow access to LinkedIn posts database

I don't select "My LinkedIn Social Media Planner" because it only uses views (list, board, and calendar views) from the main Notion database "LinkedIn Posts".

Click "Allow Access" to keep the setup going.

Match the properties of your Notion database with Scheduled

At this step, you have to select the required properties for Scheduled. The publication date and the 2 statuses properties are "Ready to be scheduled" and "Published".

To start making the match of properties, find and select your Notion database "LinkedIn posts".

Here is what you must have after the matching:

Match Notion properties on Scheduled
Match Notion properties on Scheduled

Click "Save the updates" to go to the last step.

Connect your LinkedIn account with Scheduled

The easiest step of the flow, you only need your LinkedIn credentials to authorize Scheduled to use your LinkedIn account to publish on your profile or your LinkedIn pages.

Final step to setup Scheduled
Final step to setup Scheduled

Congratulations! You connected your Notion and your LinkedIn account to Scheduled. Now you can schedule LinkedIn posts without leaving your social media planner on Notion.

Schedule posts from Notion

To schedule posts, you must set the status property to "Ready to be scheduled", add a publication date to your card (don't forget the time), and add content. A LinkedIn post won't be scheduled without a date or content.

Scheduled retrieves your posts every 2 hours. So don't be surprised if your scheduled post isn't published in the minute. If you want to publish a post in the minute, you can use the "Schedule Now" feature to trigger Scheduled manually.

Step 4: Publish LinkedIn posts from Notion in 1 click

When you finalize the connection between your Notion, and your LinkedIn account to Scheduled, the automation is active, and every post with the status "Ready to be scheduled" will be taken by Scheduled to be published.

To avoid the delay of 2 hours by the automation bot, you can use our new feature: the "Schedule Now" button. It's a link to embed into your Notion (next to the views in your LinkedIn Social Media Planner).

With this button, you can manually trigger Scheduled to retrieve your posts anytime. Follow the steps to use the feature:

Copy the link from your Scheduled account

Go to your Scheduled account and click on the source you'll see. Then, click the tab "Scheduled button" to find the link.

Copy the link to embed on Notion
Copy the link to embed on Notion

Paste it into your LinkedIn Social Media Planner

Create embed on Notion
Create embed on Notion

That's it! You only need to manually click the "Schedule Now" button to schedule your post.

Scheduled Now button
Scheduled Now button

Awesome! If you read until here, your setup with Notion, LinkedIn account, and Scheduled works perfectly. You don't need to know more to start scheduling LinkedIn posts from Notion.

However, Scheduled is a really powerful LinkedIn automation tool. It will be a pity not to share other cool automation with you.

BONUS: Advanced automation with Notion, LinkedIn, and Scheduled

Publish on your LinkedIn company page

By default, when you create your Scheduled account and connect Notion and LinkedIn, you can publish on your LinkedIn profile. To post on your LinkedIn company pages, connect it from Scheduled and set up your Notion database.

Connect your LinkedIn page

  • Connect to Scheduled and go to "Social"
  • You'll find a button to connect your LinkedIn pages
  • Choose the LinkedIn pages you want to connect (you have to be the admin of the pages)
  • Go to "Sources" and click on the source you have
  • Go to the "Advanced" tab, and you'll find the name of the LinkedIn page you have to use in Notion

Setup your Notion database

Add a new property, "sc_linkedin_page" with the type "Select" to your Notion database. To this property, add options for each LinkedIn page you connected. You must use the name you found before as the name of the options.

Now, whenever you want to schedule posts to your LinkedIn page, you can choose the good option. To keep publishing on your profile, let the property "sc_linkedin_page" empty.

Publish the first comment on your LinkedIn posts

This one is pretty cool!

You may already know, but it's not a good practice to share external links directly in the content of your LinkedIn post. LinkedIn doesn't like it because you want to push people out of the platform.

By sharing links directly in your LinkedIn posts, the reach of your posts will have a negative impact. That's why you'll often see people on LinkedIn sharing their links in the comments.

Now with Scheduled, you can automatically apply this good alternative.

You can use a specific property called "sc_first_comment" in your Notion database to schedule the first comment of your LinkedIn post.

In your Notion database (e.g., "LinkedIn Posts" if you followed the tutorial before), add a new property with the type "Text" and name it: "sc_first_comment".

sc_first_comment, Notion database property
sc_first_comment, Notion database property

All scheduled LinkedIn posts with the "sc_first_comment" property filled will have a comment a few minutes later the posts are published.

Tag LinkedIn company pages

To tag LinkedIn company pages from Scheduled, you'll need to retrieve the link of the page from LinkedIn and insert it behind your content on Notion.

Retrieve the link of a LinkedIn company page

The link must have this format: "…". You can take the link directly from the URL in your browser when you are on the LinkedIn company page.

Be aware that the link format will differ if you are on the page where you're the admin. So, you need to click on "Share Page", then "Copy link" like this:

Insert the link in Notion

Select the content to mention the page and insert the link behind it.

Unfortunately, LinkedIn doesn't authorize tagging LinkedIn profiles from 3rd party tools as Scheduled. You can only tag LinkedIn company pages.

Save your LinkedIn post URL in Notion

Scheduled can automatically save the link of your LinkedIn post directly in the Notion card associated with the post.

To do that, you need to add another property to your Notion database: "sc_post_url". This property must have the type URL. Here is an example of the LinkedIn Posts database we've built before:

sc_post_url, Notion database property
sc_post_url, Notion database property