September 28, 2022

How to schedule the first comment on your LinkedIn posts?

You can touch thousands of people weekly by frequently sharing a clear message for your target customers on LinkedIn. That's insane! You don't need any budget. Just your LinkedIn profile and your words.

You need to optimize your content to perform best with your LinkedIn posts. There are some basics, like the importance of the comments. Let me tell you why and how you can take advantage of the LinkedIn algorithm for your future posts.

Why is this first comment on your LinkedIn posts critical?

As with all social media platforms, your attention is gold. The more time you spend on the platform, the more LinkedIn likes it. LinkedIn doesn't want to let you go.

For that, LinkedIn builds an algorithm to detect when you invite people to go outside of LinkedIn. It happens when you publish posts with external links. LinkedIn knows it, and the algorithm will decrease the reach of your posts to prevent people from leaving.

The best alternative to avoid the negative impact on the reach of your posts is to share external links in the comments.

How to take advantage of the LinkedIn algorithm?

I think you have already seen some LinkedIn posts where people say:

See the link in the comments!

Even if it sounds annoying, this is how people take advantage of the LinkedIn algorithm.

By sharing your links in the comments, you avoid negatively impacting your posts' reach and encourage others to interact with them. They can react or reply. And LinkedIn likes this.

Don't share the raw links directly in the comments. Be more creative by giving people the links and the best call to action. You can also add other valuable content.

There is another use case. Sometimes, in your LinkedIn posts, you don't want to share a specific link; you want to share the company's name composed of the domain name.

Let me give you an example:

When I share a post on LinkedIn about Scheduled, I prefer adding because I know it will be better for people to find me if they remind the ".fr". By doing this, the LinkedIn algorithm thinks I want to share an external link. To avoid that, you need to break the link.

2 options:

  1. You can add spaces between the dot and the words, like this: "Scheduled . fr",
  2. Or you can put the domain name in parenthesis: Scheduled(.fr).

Now you know how to adapt your content for LinkedIn, let me tell you how you can use Scheduled and Notion to share your external links in the comments automatically.

How to use Scheduled and Notion to add the first comment on your LinkedIn posts?

To share your external links in the comments with and Notion, you must add this new property to your Notion database: sc_first_comment.

You can click on the dots on the top right in your kanban or editorial calendar.

Then, click on Properties and New property.

You must choose the Text type and change the name to sc_first_comment.

Now, if you want to add your external links in the comments, you can add them in this new property, and Scheduled will automatically publish your content and your first comment on LinkedIn.

Never leave Notion to schedule and publish your LinkedIn posts !

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