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Problems you've told us about LinkedIn feed

The LinkedIn feed is not designed to help you grow your audience, but rather to keep you scrolling again and again...

You spend a lot of time scrolling on the feed before finding any interesting post to comment to grow your audience.

You end up adding creators in your browser's bookmarks, not to miss their posts.

The current LinkedIn feed is full of distractions. You have dozens of useless posts showing up, and you’re loosing time.

Unfollowing uninteresting people or content is tedious, and not efficient, as recommendations are still weird anyway.

You miss new posts and it's almost impossible to comment in real-time on new ones.

How does it work?

1. Get the chrome extension
Download the Chrome extension and pin it
Download Chrome extension
2. Follow your favorite creators
Once the extension is installed, you'll be able to add creators to Sift:
3. Get their last posts on sift
Post will show up on Sift, your new LinkedIn feed! You can also filter on specific creators if needed.
4. Be the first to interact, grow your audience
Any post you see on sift includes a link to the original one on LinkedIn.
This way you can be the first to comment and grow your audience.
Sift engage with LinkedIn profiles

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